What we need from volunteers:

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Shawn Warden - UWS

Jeremiah Breitigan - UWS

Thanks to our volunteers:

Joseph Perez - That's A Wrap

An event of this caliber takes a lot of time and effort.  Part of planning is making sure the guests truly have the "VIP" experience.  To accomplish this, we ask for extra hands to help us before the event starts.  This will require volunteers to leave the convention center at 3:00pm on Friday August 3rd to come to the venue and help us set up.

We need volunteers for many tasks such as:

• Installing window perf.

• Hanging sponsor banners

• Setting up tables, equipment, etc.

• Other details to be determined

All volunteers names and company names will be listed on this website to show our appreciation for your efforts.

Angel Ledesma

Tint-n-Wrap Specialist

Kinsey Sharp - Sharp Wraps

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Dore Kittrell - Goddess Grafx