A unique addition to the classic car show.  Matt Olson (professional BMX rider) will be doing a live demo on his VW Bus ramp!  Matt tours the country in his restored bus and entertains many people with his extreme talents on his bike and on his custom fabricated ramp... built by Matt himself!

Sponsored By:  YelloTools

2017 Wraps VIP Video Courtesy of Flick Image 

Wraps VIP official clothing sponsor

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We all know Moby as he makes everyone smile.  Shane Lloyd has brought a true gift to our industry with the introduction of Moby.  Moby is becoming a world famous Wrap Dog and will be at the VIP event and PAWsing for photos!  Don't miss your chance to get your photo taken with Moby the Canine Wrap Celebrity!

(Click on Moby's photo to see him on Facebook)

Our Schedule

Tools Provided:

Wrap Glove

YelloTools Mini Squeegee

Mini Blade

3M Knifeless

Each competitor will be given the opportunity to wrap a die cast vehicle with color change material using only the tools show below!  Voting will begin at 9:50 by our event team, winner will be announced at 10:00PM.

Meet and Greet with Moby the Wrap Dog!

Live broadcast by Jeff Gregorio/All Wrapped Up Podcaast

Wraps VIP is on land this year at the infamous Long Beach venue "The Reef".  Come and enjoy the indoor and outdoor patio that offers spectacular views of the Long Beach Harbor and skyline.

7:00PM The parking lot - LIVE BMX demonstration by professional rider Matt Olson.

7:00PM Classic Car Show - Before entering the venue, we hope you enjoy a remarkable display of classic cars from the 1950's and 1960's!  Hot Rods, Low Riders, etc.  A rare view of some of the most inspirational vehicles in our history.

Doors open at 8:00PM - Cash Bar and hors d'oeuvres are available.‚Äč

9:00PM - 9:50PM - Classic Die Cast Vehicle Wrap Competition.  Each competitor will be given the opportunity to wrap a die cast vehicle with color change material using only knifeless tape!  Voting will begin at 9:50 by our event team, winner will be announced at 10:00PM.

10:00PM - 10:30PM - The Wraps VIP prize giveaway!  Prizes awarded to our guests from our amazing sponsors.  Over $15,000 in prizes awarded every year!

10:30PM - Midnight - Dance the night away with our guest DJ playing your favorite tracks!

Wraps VIP 2018 is the 3rd annual, free to attend, night-life event for WRAPSCON in Long Beach, CA.  Each year we continue to grow and offer a unique event that caters to the entire wrap family around the world.  Our continued mission is to "give back" to the industry that gives us so many great opportunities and to help everyone grow in a positive light.

The team line-up for this amazing event will consist of Daniel Nava & Christine Walthour of IBOW, Tim Evans of Wrapper Mapper, Earl Mangune & Myles Kovacs of DUB Magazine, Nate Kraus, Rick Fedor, Chris Youngash, Mark Rugen, Shane Lloyd (with special guest Moby Lloyd), Dan Lundberg, Dan Antonelli and many others.  Combined with the many volunteers and our amazing sponsors, this will be an event to live in our memories for many years to come.

The Classic Car Show!

Starts at 7:00PM - Before VIP doors open

The world is invited to Wraps VIP, but not all can attend.  All Wrapped Up Podcast will be changing that by going live at Wraps VIP 2018.  Jeff's commentary, interviews with industry leaders, special guests and more will make Wraps VIP 2018 a unique experience for the world to enjoy.

Wraps VIP Throwback 50's & 60's Party

Diecast Car Wrap Competition

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Upon arrival, guests will see a classic car show.  Vehicles from the golden age will line the entrance ranging from the 50's to 60's!  We have reached out to companies that have wrapped some classics and they will have vehicles on display.  If YOU have a classic that is wrapped, feel free to contact us.  We would love to put them on display for everyone to enjoy!

Live BMX demo by professional rider Matt Olson! 7:00PM - Before VIP doors open

Our venue - The Reef of Long Beach

Wraps VIP Staff will be looking good in our 50's style bowling shirts provided by our gracious sponsor Dean Loucks of Dean Loucks Art.  Please take a moment to click on his logo to view his amazing art pieces and learn more about Dean (If you don't already know of him).  Thank you Dean for your support!